TRT Softwave Therapy


The non-invasive, pain-free, drug-free alternative to surgery
  • TRT is short for “Tissue Regeneration Technology” which is a state-of-the-art; non-invasive regenerative device that uses electro-hydraulically produced sound waves or acoustic waves to trigger a strong healing effect in the body. SoftWave™ therapy stimulates your body’s natural response for self-repair.
  • Inside of the applicator head, SoftWaves™ are created through the use of an electrode contained within a soft latex dome filled with water. When charged with electricity, the electrode creates a spark under the water. This spark creates a hot bubble of gas that expands into the surrounding water and produces the SoftWave™ that travels out of the applicator and into the affected area being treated.
  • These high energy acoustic waves penetrate deep into damaged tissue resulting in increased mobility and significant reduction, if not complete elimination of inflammation and pain in just the first treatment.
  • Additionally, electro-hydraulically produced shockwaves have proven to have a 300% increase in small, medium and large diameter blood vessels within 12 weeks following the first treatment.
  • These high energy acoustic waves cause cell walls to become permeable allowing exosomes (and other stem cell attractant chemicals) to escape into the interstitial tissue mimicking cellular injury which triggers the migration of the body’s own stem cells to the area. This is why it was coined “The Stem Cell Machine” after being featured on the TV show “The Doctors” in November 2019.
  • There are no known significant negative side effects.
  • This treatment is 100% atraumatic to tissues and cells. It essentially “tricks” the body into thinking it’s been injured resulting in an activation of the body’s own healing response.
  • Most patients only require 6-10 treatments per affected area spaced 2-7 days apart.
  • There is no down-time, no anesthesia, no injections and generally no activity restrictions after treatment.
  • Not all shockwave therapies are the same. This device is the only Unfocused Electro-hydraulic extracorporeal shock waves therapy (ESWT) available in North America and approved by the FDA.

Main Effects of ShockWave

  • Pain reduction
  • Induces stem cells recruitment/migration to treated area
  • Angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation)
  • Reduces apoptosis (programmed cell death)
  • Suppresses acute inflammation & modulates the inflammatory response
  • Improves wound healing
  • Induces neuronal regeneration (regeneration of peripheral nerves after injury)

Success Rate

The final outcome depends on a variety of factors, but most studies report a healing rate up to 85%. More than 80% of patients report improvement even after just one treatment. Depending on your condition you may require additional “booster” treatments in 2-3 months to maximize results. More severe or chronic degenerative conditions may take longer to heal, so be patient and allow up to 12 weeks to evaluate your outcome as the biologic response and stem cell remodeling can be active up to 12 weeks after your final treatment and varies according to patient’s age and other comorbidities. Lifestyle can also have a profound effect on healing outcomes.

After Care

  • It is not uncommon to be sore after your treatment, especially if you have severe degeneration or acute injury.  
  • Drink plenty of water after your treatments to help flush out inflammatory debris and reduce soreness.
  • Stay compliant with your treatment recommendations.
  • Avoid ice, heat or anti-inflammatory medications for 24 hours after your treatment.
  • DO NOT base success or failure on 1 treatment. SoftWave™ therapy is cumulative and healing takes time.
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