Ear & Sinus Infections

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Many chronic infections are due to a compromised immune system and/or upper respiratory system, including chronic ear and sinus infections. Since the immune and respiratory systems depend upon normal communication from the brain and spinal cord to control and coordinate their functions, alterations in neurological function can contribute to malfunctions in these systems. Specifically, an imbalance in autonomic nervous system function, caused from joint irritation (neck misalignment), can produce or exaggerate infection susceptibility via control over immune responses.

The nerve system has a direct effect on the immune system due to the nerve supply to the important immune system organs including: the spleen, lymph nodes, thymus, and lymphoid cells. The many different cells, organs, and tissues that make up the immune system are dispersed throughout the body, yet the various components communicate and collaborate to produce an effective response to an infection over the nerve system.

Your central nerve system is comprised of your brain, brain stem, spinal cord and nerve roots. The skull protects the brain. The brain stem, spinal cord and nerve roots are housed in and protected by the spine which is made up of individual, movable vertebra. If the vertebrae of the spine are not properly aligned, the brain stem, spinal cord or nerve roots can become compressed or irritated by the very bones designed to house and protect them. This is called a subluxation. The chiropractor’s primary role is to detect and correct this problem.

Chiropractic is the only health discipline focused on the maintenance of this critical linkage between the nerve system and the immune system.