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    Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Suffering from sleep deprivation or insomnia? Is your daily life unbearable due to constant suffering? Are you dealing with infertility? Do headaches prevent you from functioning and living your life to the fullest? Is your child constantly sick? Is your toddler suffering from chronic ear infections? Are you having gastrointestinal issues? Are you taking multiple medications and still not improving? Is this your last option or the last thing you ever thought you'd try? If you are suffering from any of these problems contact our office located in Edmond, Oklahoma / North Oklahoma City.

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    Chiropractic Care For Children - Pediatric Chiropractor Edmond, OK

    Chiropractic Care For Children Edmond, Oklahoma

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    We have helped many people overcome issues that they are having. Call our Edmond, Oklahoma office located north of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for more information on how we can help you.

    WHY CHIROPRACTIC? Chiropractic and Acupuncture can help over 2,000 conditions.  Many patients, who've been through the "Modern Medical Marvel," try Chiropractic and Acupuncture as their "last resort" for healing, often with great success! Your nervous system controls EVERY organ, tissue, and cell in your body! Chiropractic adjustments restore proper nervous system function, allowing your body to do the healing without drugs or surgery.

    Stop suffering needlessly and call today to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Brandon January, Chiropractor in Edmond, Oklahoma!

    THE CHIROPRACTIC PHILOSOPHY:  As Chiropractors, we view the body as a whole and look at normal anatomy and physiological function.  The nervous system governs everything the body does, from movements to thoughts.  SUBLUXATIONS, or spinal misalignments, interfere with this "information super-highway" of nerves and lead to dysfunction throughout the body.  When the spinal bones, or vertebra, become SUBLUXATED, the nerve signals to the body and/or brain become distorted causing Dis-ease.  If these SUBLUXATIONS are not corrected, irreversible changes can occur such as organ failure or joint degeneration.  In other words, if it's a Chiropractic problem, nothing else will correct it... not prescription drugs, not over-the-counter medication, not surgery.  Chiropractors do more than just help relieve pain symptoms: Chiropractic is about optimizing your overall health by restoring normal function within the nervous system. 

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    Your body has an amazing power to heal itself when SUBLUXATIONS are removed/reduced through the hands-on Chiropractic adjustment.  In addition to the Chiropractic adjustment, we utilize Acupuncture to balance out your energy flow.  This energy flow is known as "qi," pronounced "chi."  Chiropractic and Acupuncture, in combination, have a VERY high success rate, and favorable results are seen even in the most complicated cases.  If you are concerned about any health problem, please call us today.  This will be the best decision you've made to get your health back on track!  Chiropractic Acupuncture is beneficial in the treatment of OVER 2,000 DIFFERENT CONDITIONS!

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    Dr. Brandon January provides quality Chiropractic care for all ages.  January Chiropractic & Acupuncture provides service to the Oklahoma City area (Edmond, Piedmont, Bethany, Valley Brook, Del City, Spencer, Yukon, Mustang, Norman, Moore, Midwest City, Nichols Hills, The Village, Shawnee, Prague).   

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    Most insurance plans are accepted at our office. We accept auto accident, workers compensation, personal injury and most health insurance plans, including Medicare. Since there are so many plans and coverage varies widely, please call us to find out if your plan covers care in our office. Our staff will verify and explain your benefits before treatment, at no charge.  For patients who have little or no chiropractic insurance coverage, flexible payment programs can be arranged. If you have no insurance or do not have chiropractic benefits there is still a way for you to receive the care you need. Many patients pay directly for care, as they discover chiropractic to be extremely cost-effective and affordable.

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    We look forward to serving you here at January Chiropractic and Acupuncture located in Edmond, Oklahoma/ North Oklahoma City.  You don't have to suffer!  Call today to get your health back!

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    Whiplash Relief


    Suffering from neck pain after a car crash? Chiropractic can offer natural, effective relief of whiplash.


    Chiropractic for Children


    Chiropractic can provide safe, natural relief for pediatric patients. We can help your child lead the healthy life they deserve.




    Chiropractic can provide natural prenatal care for pregnant women with headache, back pain, and more.


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