Ear Infections – Chiropractor Edmond, OK

Ear infections are fairly common among children.  In fact 66% of children  suffer from at least one middle ear infection by the age of 3.  Common symptoms include ear pain, irritability, and fever.  Other illness, such as a cold, is often associated with ear infections.  Many kids go through a series of treatments, putting the child at risk for permanent hearing damage.  The current treatment of choice is oral antibiotics, but many Pediatric journals have concluded that antibiotics are no more effective than the child’s own immune system.  Repeated treatment with antibiotics can actually lead to drug-resistant bacteria, thus chronic ear infections.  The anatomy of the child’s ear leaves children susceptible for drainage problems.  This can stem for improper lymph drainage in the neck.  The cause of middle ear infections is often associated with a mechanical problem from either reduced drainage or blocked drainage of the lymphatic system.  Another common treatment method is “Tubes” to alleviate the pain and pressure.  Although the treatment is often effective, it does not address the actual cause of the problem, the abnormal mechanical function of the lymphatics, muscles and nerves.  Chiropractic is a more natural approach that focuses on restoring proper drainage of the ears and neck lymphatic system.  Gentle adjustments help to restore proper function and stimulate proper lymph flow.  Many chiropractors have training in treating pediatric ear infections.  The approach is gentle and extremely effective, because gentle adjustments correct the cause of the infection by restoring proper function.  Chiropractic works without the use of Tubes or antibiotics and allows for natural healing.  If your child is suffering from ear infections, contact us today.  We can help!

Dr. Brandon January – Chiropractic Physician