About Us

January Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic located in Edmond, Oklahoma aims to provide the highest standard of excellence in chiropractic care, while helping our patients achieve pain-free maximum health potential. Let Edmond Chiropractor Dr. January help you feel great!

In the twenty-first century, modern chiropractic care is extremely safe and conservative, highly effectual and extremely cost-effective.  We will never guess when it comes to your spine and care. We always perform a multi-system examination and X-rays (when indicated), in order to determine exactly what the cause of the problem is.  We use state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and digital X-ray imaging to insure the safest, highest quality and most precise images instantaneously. 

The chiropractic adjustment, backed by thousands of university conducted studies, is about helping people live healthier, fuller lives.  Physical obstructions, like nerve impingement, are what chiropractors call subluxations.  Nerve pressure can originate from a number of structures in the body, including muscle, bone, tendon, or ligament. Simply stated, Chiropractic care is about locating and removing bio-mechanical imbalance and nerve impingement in the body, thus allowing the body to function at an optimal level of nerve communication and stability.

Edmond Chiropractor Dr. January specializes in Pediatric care, with one of the largest family practices in the nation. The use of Functional-Corrective care aims to prevent spinal degeneration, assist in injury rehabilitation, and prevent future spinal problems from returning.

Visit Edmond Chiropractor Dr. January at 15007 Bristol Park BLVD in Edmond, Oklahoma. Edmond Chiropractor Dr. January is looking forward to helping you feel better.

Call Edmond Chiropractor Dr. January for the best in Chiropractic! Edmond Chiropractor Dr. January can be reached at (405) 749-8000